Easy ABS Transparent Orange

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0.75 KGS

Product Overview

Fiberlogy Easy ABS in Transparent Orange

Easy to process ABS Filament with a high gloss in transparent Orange colour

Product information & technical details
Item no.:                               EABS-ORANGETR-175-075
Manufacturer No.:                EABS-ORANGETR-175-075
Manufacturers:                    Fiberlogy
Content:                              750g
Diameter:                            1,75 mm
Product types:                     ABS Filaments
Filament colour:                  Transparent Orange
Net weight:                         750g
Recommended processing temperature: 235 - 255 °C
Recommended heating temperature: 90-110 ° C


Easy printing

Easy ABS is a step towards easier printing of strong and durable elements without the need to use special 3D printers. This filament does not need an enclosed print chamber.

Smooth surface

A distinguishing feature of Easy ABS is the ability to obtain transparent prints while maintaining the high durability ABS is known for. The colour spectrum of this filament includes transparent versions, which are characterised by a high degree of gloss. After the printed model is treated with acetone, the effect of a smooth and even surface is obtained.

Good firmness

The above visual properties of Easy ABS in combination with the strength typical of conventional ABS allow you to create long-lasting models while maintaining their low weight (density 1.07 g / cm3). This material is also characterised by good chemical resistance and resistance to temperatures up to approx. 90 ° C.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review