Trilab AzteQ Industrial

Trilab Azteq Industrial:

The first in a new line of TRILAB delta printers

AzteQ is an industrial delta printer with a closed actively heated chamber up to 80°C for top of the line 3D printing without material or spatial compromises. The AzteQ Industrial printer is guaranteed to facilitate the production of components from materials such as ABS, ASA, PA, PC or PP that will withstand high temperatures and are chemically and mechanically resistant.


6 reasons of why to choose an AzteQ Industrial


1. Accuracy, delta kinematics


2. Actively heated chamber


3. Swappable printheads

In addition to their printing speed, the main advantages of delta printers are their high spatial accuracy and superior printing surface quality.


Thanks to the actively heated print chamber, you can print even large models safely from advanced technological materials on the AzteQ Industrial printer.


Select a specific printhead configuration for a specific material and printing speed. Simply attach the selected printhead to the magnets and the AzteQ will automatically perform full printer calibration on its own.

4. High speed for high volume printing

With AzteQ, the model is always statically positioned on the PrintPad and the lightweight printhead without an extruder will not only surprise you with its moving speed but also with its printing capacity.


5. Robust frame with Separate compartment

Thanks to the thermal insulation of the chamber, heat loss and printer surface heating is minimized. additionally a separate electronics compartment with active cooling minimizes the thermal stress during prolonged printing at high temperatures.


6. Remote printer management

With integrated lighting, a built in camera and remote access from anywhere, you have 100% control of the printer. Now you can print for days without worries or let our technicians check your AzteQ quickly and safely.

Print anything

Azteq can print all major types of FDM printing materials. It is designed for high-volume printing utilizing mechanically

resistant materials such as ABS, ASA, PA, PC, etc, to meet industrial applications, physically demanding scenarios or

surroundings with active chemicals. It can also handle simpler materials such as PLA, PET-G and CPE.