Trilab DeltiQ2



1 Top notch prints 2 Unconventional 3 Complete Solution
The model is static during printing, which Unconventional and unexpected model A tuned printer for professionals, a complete
results in perfect quality print over the entirety orientation can be safely printed for an even made-to-order package — starting from a
of the model’s height. better surface quality. demo print, a suitable configuration proposal,
    delivery with installation to service and
    application support.
4 Universal 5 Smart 6 Beautiful
You will be blown away by the range of Control the printer according to your needs - As a unique industry standout, you’ll have
materials that can be processed by this printer with your hand, using the DeltaControl wireless trouble keeping your eyes of it thanks to the
- from common filaments, to modern and display, using our app in your smartphone or grace of the delta movements.
advanced materials such as composites or remotely using the WebControl interface.  













Revolutionary Printer Control

Control the printer according to your needs. In the palm
of your hand using the DeltaControl wireless display,
which can be safely stowed in the charging dock, using
the WebControl interface on your PC/Mac or using the
DeltaControl app in your smartphone. And all of this both
locally or remotely.
 TRILAB DeltaControl
  • Take the display anywhere
  •  Everything you need to control the printer
  •  High DPI and great readability of the display
  •  Display hub with integrated charger
  •  Android smartphone included
  •  Intuitive interface
 Web Control
  •  Control printer from PC, MAC or your tablet
  •  Worldwide remote access (can be disabled)


Print anything

With DeltiQ 2 you are unstoppable in your pursuit for perfect prints. Wide palette of supported materials, two perfect extruders and stimulating freedom
of the print orientation. That's what conjures a smile on your face.