About Fiberlogy

Fiberlogy was established in Poland and this is where it operates. We are proud to be part of an international technological revolution. A modern production line and the knowledge of Fiberlogy's technologists allow them to offer filaments of unique properties and parameters for FFF/FDM printers.

Fiberlogy have many years of experience in plastics processing and profile extrusion. Their dedication to testing new materials and new production possibilities allows them to achieve amazing results. Fiberlogy provide their customers with filaments of unique characteristics. Fiberlogy materials have outstanding properties and parameters – diameter tolerance of +/- 0.02mm and oval tolerance of +0.01mm.


Fiberlogy's approach to work is informed by their full understanding of the industry. Fiberlogy know how important 3D printing is and how it can influence the development of various fields. They know that the users of this technology want new solutions, good quality materials with unique properties and a wide range of colours to choose from. Fiberlogy want to share their knowledge and experience. Fiberlogy want to be part of a community that shares our passion for 3D printing.


Fiberlogy are a group of enthusiasts with many years of experience. Fiberlogy are constantly looking for the inspiration to come up with new products. They pay particular attention to their products’ quality. Fiberlogy can’t stop searching for new solutions and technologies. They use this knowledge at every stage of their work: from research through raw materials selection and testing all the way to the final results.


Fiberlogy develop filaments of various properties, appropriate for different fields. Fiberlogy products can be used in different industries, from architecture to children’s toys. To meet the needs of their customers, they continue to expand their range with new filaments with unique parameters. All this is possible thanks to our cutting-edge production line and highly qualified technicians.


Fiberlogy filaments are produced by high-class German machines with the use of high quality raw materials. Fiberlogy do their best to ensure that the process of production complies with all the norms, which translates into the high quality of the end-product. Fiberlogy give the materials the best protection possible so that they are not damaged mechanically during their transportation or due to unfavourable external factors.


Fiberlogy invest in the latest technologies and innovative production techniques. They are up to date with the latest trends as they want their products to set the standards for the 3D printing market. Fiberlogy make their filaments from the best raw materials available that offer unique parameters. This way they are able to adapt their offering to the ever-changing world and its needs by making 3D printing even easier.

Raw Materials

When choosing raw materials for their production, they rely on tried and tested sources. Fiberlogy co-operate with companies in various countries in order to choose materials characterized by the best parameters. They check the raw materials for quality at every stage – first during the production, then during the printing –to make sure that the ready-to-use filament is of the highest quality.


There are many stages in the process of making a filament. First, they prepare raw materials. Then they extrude the filament, roll it on a spool and pack it. During each of these stages Fiberlogy follow rigorous quality control procedures so that no contaminants can get into the filament. They check the filament diameter using a laser micro meter which ensures the best dimensional tolerance. Fiberlogy always declare the dimensional tolerance on the box.