Introducing the Qidi Tech X-Plus 3 3D printer — where innovation meets precision. This exceptional 3D printer has redefined the art of creating with its remarkable combination of advanced features and user-friendly design. Boasting a generously sized build volume, it opens endless possibilities for your 3D printing projects, from intricate prototypes to functional parts. With high-precision calibration, the X-Plus 3 guarantees professional-grade results. Experience 3D printing like never before, thanks to its intuitive interface that caters to both beginners and experts. The Qidi Tech X-Plus 3 is your gateway to turning imagination into reality with ease and unmatched quality.

Newly Upgraded

All-metal Frame
Ultra-stable, reinforced with metal

crossbeams at the bottom, resistant

to deformation.

CoreXY Structure
Reduce the motion Inertia

and improve the motion speed.
TMC2209 silent drivers, less noise.

High-grade hardness

steel linear hollow

optical axis
Improved surface straightness, and

a 60% lower error deflection.
Highly durable and No need for

frequent maintenance.
Typically last a lifetime without the

need for replacement.

New cooling system
Reducing the risk of clogs and

ensuring smooth extrusion.
9.5:1 gear ratio
Steadier, power, faster extrusion.

Two Sets of Hot End
Copper alloy nozzle for better

thermal conductivity, smooth

printing and to be more durable.
Hardened steel nozzle for abrasive

materials, and long term usage.
Both 350℃ Max Print Temp.

Temperature Controlled Chamber
And Drying Box
Active Heating Device
Maximum Temp 65℃
High efficiency printing, PET-CF, PAHT-CF etc
Chamber circulation fan.

No Layer Separation
The higher the temperature in the

heated chamber, the larger the

material range that can be printed.

The heated chamber ensures that

the part is built uniformly without

the generation of internal stresses.

Automatic Leveling
Klipper Adaptive Meshing and

Purging, fast ensure a flawless first

layer for every 3D print.

Flexible HF Plate
Excellent adhesion,
No warping trouble
Easy to remove the prints.