QIDI Tech X-Smart 3

The QIDI Tech X-Smart 3 3D printer is the ultimate fusion of innovation and simplicity. Designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned creators, this compact 3D printer packs a punch with its remarkable capabilities. Its user-friendly interface makes 3D printing a breeze, while the precision-engineered components ensure your creations are nothing short of exceptional. With a focus on delivering high-quality prints, the X-Smart 3 is ideal for a wide range of projects, from artistic designs to functional prototypes. Whether you're an enthusiast or a professional, this smart and efficient 3D printer will take your ideas from imagination to reality with ease.

CoreXY Structure

Reduce the motion Inertia and improve

the motion speed
TMC2209 silent drive
Less noise

Redesigned to be extremely lightweight
Weight reduced to 600g from 1600g.
Enhanced strength, 6-12 times stronger than steel

Automatic Leveling

New automatic intelligent levelling 16 points

are taken to calculate the printing


Flexible HF Plate

Excellent adhesion,
No warping troubles
Easy to remove the prints