QIDI X-CF Pro 3D Printer

QIDI X-CF PRO 3D Printer, designed for printing Carbon Fiber and Nylon Filament

The QIDI TECH X-CF Pro 3D printer represents a significant leap in 3D printing technology. With 13 months of dedicated research and development, the QIDI TECH team has engineered an industrial-grade FFF 3D printer capable of fully printing carbon fiber and nylon. This achievement required a complete overhaul of the extruder system, which now boasts a mechanical motion structure and a filament dry box, optimizing it for carbon fiber materials. To complement the hardware, the software underwent extensive redevelopment, incorporating valuable feedback from the dedicated QIDI TECH user community. The result is a innovative 3D printer that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the world of additive manufacturing.

 Machine Size  610 x 515 x 678mm
 Print Size  300 x 250 x 300mm
 Print Accuracy  0.05-0.2mm
 Print Speed  60mm/s
 Nozzle Diameter  0.4mm
 Extruder temperature  350°C
 Extruder Quantity  High Temperature Single Extruder, Ordinary Single Extruder
 Support Material  Carbon Fiber, Nylon, PET-G, PCT-G, CPE-HT, TPU, PC, ABS, ASA, BVOH, PVA, PLA    
 Connection Options  WI-FI, LAN, USB
 Support  Windows 64 bit / MAC
 Compatible Slicer Software                  QidiPrint, CURA, Simplify 3D, PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer
 Voltage  220V
 Power  450W
 Net Weight  32.5kg

Newly Upgraded XYZ Structure
Industrial-grade manufacturing, dual z-axis and industrial guide, which can achieve high precision, fast printing. Focus on upgrading the XYZ structure, all use of industrial slides.

Industrial Extrusion Structure
One set of high temp extruder, with the latest generation single extruder system, which uses high-temperature alloy material, dual-gear extrusion. Specifically for printing carbon fiber, high temp nylon filaments.
Another set of normal high-speed extruder can easily print PLA, ABS, PETG and other filaments.

Filament Runout Sensor
Detection System, more convenient, more intelligent.

Automatic Leveling
A new automatic leveling mode. Realize fully automatic leveling.

PEI Material Plate
The printing plate using PEI material, effectively solve the problem of printing models warp and other problems. Better adhesion, the printer’s overall life is longer.

5.0 inch Touch Screen
800*480mm 5 inch HD capacitive display. Larger interface makes it more intuitive and easy to operate.

Slicing Software
Qidi Tech latest generation slicer software version 6.2.2.
The new upgraded software is more intelligent, especially provide more effective and accurate parameters for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments. With the software, you can use your printer right out of the box.