Fiberlogy ABS Plus Black 3D printing filament

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1.30 KGS

Expected release date is 28th Jan 2022

Product Overview

Fiberlogy ABS Plus Black

Modified ABS filament for open build spaces in Black

Product information & technical details
Item no.:                               ABS-PLUS-BLACK-175-085
Manufacturer No.:                ABS-PLUS-BLACK-175-085
Manufacturers:                    Fiberlogy
Content:                              850g
Diameter:                            1,75 mm
Product types:                     ABS Filaments
Filament colour:                  Black
Net weight:                         850g
Recommended processing temperature: 250 - 270 °C
Recommended heating temperature: 90-110 ° C


A multifunctional material for desktop 3D printing, which is especially recommended for prototyping models due to its special properties such as increased hardness and reduced shrinkage. In addition, printing is easier and faster than standard ABS and does not require printing in a closed chamber. It can also be processed mechanically and chemically..


  • Increased hardness and durability

  • High impact resistance

  • Resistance to high temperatures and abrasion

  • Possibility of processing and chemical treatment

  • Possibility of printing in printers without enclosed build spaces


(No reviews yet) Write a Review