PrintLab - Classroom

3D Printing Curriculum
PrintLab Classroom is an online platform of 3D printing lesson plans combined
with a certified teacher training course. Our approach is to take inspiration
from the innovative uses of 3D printing in industry and bring these through to
education. The curriculum is aligned to a range of standards across different
subject areas and challenges students to design assistive technology, reusable
packaging prototypes, hands-free virus solutions and more.


A Toolkit for Educators
Our online toolkit allows you to pick and choose from 40+ projects to build
your own pathway for students - saving you the time and stress of creating
your own lesson plans. Each project is equipped with downloadable teaching
materials such as presentations, workbooks and rubrics, as well as explainer
videos and 3D design tutorials hosted on a student portal for a blended
learning experience.



Your students learn You become an expert
Lesson Plans + Teacher Training
PrintLab Classroom’s lesson plan library focuses on a range of key themes to The PrintLab Certification Course is the ultimate training journey for teachers
support design thinking and project-based learning. Throughout this section, getting started with 3D technologies. The aim is to enable teachers to become
you will be introduced to example projects that bring learning to life and guide proficient and confident in teaching 3D printing curriculum, whilst ensuring
students through the creative processes of real-world professionals. they have the necessary 3D design and 3D printing skills.





  PrintLab curriculum uses free 3D modelling software and is compatible with
  all FFF 3D printers. Each lesson has its own section on the portal where
  teachers can access information about how to prepare and deliver the lesson.
  Downloadable materials include:
Everything you need to
  • Slideshow Presentations
master teaching 3D design
  • Student Workbooks
and printing
  • Design Tutorial Videos
  • Teacher Training Tutorials
  • 3D Printable STL Files




Printlab Certification Course
Our Certification Course was designed to help teachers
master 3D design & printing. The course does not require
any prior experience and covers everything from 3D
printer basics to designing models digitally for printing.
We’ve included hours of video content and lessons on a
wide variety of topics to help teachers feel confident
adopting 3D technologies in the classroom.